About Us

Our aim

We aim to bring healthy and low-calorie products to the masses without compromising your love for carbohydrates.

We are only interested in the health of our minds and body. For us it's always ‘HEALTH OVER PROFIT’ at all times. 


A little more about us!

As science majors, we studied vast amounts of diseases/illnesses. We truly understand the importance of health. Knowing the varying consumption of different types of carbs (sugar/glucose are made up of them), we decided to bring in something that is lower in calories and healthier. With that said, one very important lesson I've learned is not to cut carbs out completely and/or drastically. Cutting all your carbs completely or consuming very little amount of carbs can cause your body to undergo ketosis, which is extremely harmful and taxing if done for long periods of time. It is a metabolic state where your body converts fats/lipids into energy. You may ask why it is bad when there are people practicing keto diet, well it's bad because your body and brain naturally still needs the carbohydrate to function although keto diet help you to lose weight faster, overtime by burning fats it is not healthy for the body or the mind. There are tons of side effects for cutting carbs completely. I can go on and on about it but I do not wish to bore you with all the details. We always recommend our customers to consume complex carbs, basically whole-grains along with our Konjac products so you're not compromising your carb intake. 

Not going to lie, there are times where I subconsciously snack but after knowing the existence of veggie/fruit chips I never turn back to potato chips. They are a healthier alternative and in my very honest opinion, they taste better than some potato chips out there. 

It is truly impressive how our body can be when it is taken care of. This is why I do my very best to apply the knowledge I've learned throughout my school years as a science major into everyday lives. When we consciously take care of our body and mind it is truly amazing how optimal we can strive. HEALTH IS WEALTH, as cliche as it sounds it is true.

With all of that said, please do eat everything in moderation, even our products. 

Our word

We are a small and humble company that tries to provide organic and healthy food alternatives for the public. We are not here to bring anyone down nor are we here to compete on who possesses the more superior formula or ingredients in their product. We are doing it solely because we believe that we should be consciously putting meaningful food into our body. I put my heart and soul into this business. It is not perfect nor the best in the market but we only sell honest products and we constantly evolve and strive to be better.

We source all of our products organically and sustainably. We are well aware of the current global warming issues in the world and how excessive products can lead to wastage therefore we only order from our supplier in eco-friendly amounts to maintain its freshness. We do our best to do QC on all of our products.

We are definitely not able to please everyone but do take my word for that we genuinely want the best for everyone regardless of whether you've supported us throughout this small business journey. 

Anyways, enough of the blabbering, if you're unsure about whether you should consume our products or how much you should consume you can always email us and we will do our very best to recommend the best option for you.

*carbs = carbohydrate 

Disclaimer: I am by no means a dietitian. I am just a science major that's utilising what I've learnt in university and applying it in our daily life. I am also learning along the way so if you're a dietitian or anyone who has the knowledge and would like to correct me about anything, feel free to drop us an email.