Subscription Policy

Minimum subscription of 3 month, no cancellation/refunds allowed. 

How does the subscription works?

If you subscribe on the 6th of the month, your first billing will be on the 6th itself. For the next month, your billing will be 28 days later and this goes on and on till the date you cancel. You will be automatically charged every month. 

What are the benefits of a subscription plan?

For a more affordable price, you get more products. 28 packs for $69.90 (U.P 83.53), you save more than 16%, which is a fantastic deal!

Can I cancel my plan?

Unfortunately, we have a minimum subscription of 3 months. Cancellation can only occur after the 3rd month. 

Can I share it with a friend?

The subscription can only be under the registered email and address.

Can I have opt for a different variation? 
Yes, you can. You can either note it down on the notes before you check out or check out our contact us page. 

How many times can I change the variation?

Preferably once. But if the following month you decide not to purchase a certain product do let us know 7 days in advance so we are able to make the necessary arrangements. If you contact us in less than 7 days, we can only do our best to arrange it. However there is no guarantee as to whether we are able to fulfill it.

How many packs are there in a month?

28 packs/month.

What's the recommended intake?

We recommend 1 pack per day as moderation is key and even though it is low in carbohydrates and calories, we highly recommend you to consume complex carbs along with it for a more balanced diet. Read more about how we explain a little more about carbs here!