Walnut FAQ

About our Walnut products.

They Originate from Vietnam.

Our Walnuts come in 4 different types; Original, Lightly Salted, Seaweed and Amber Honey. They are unprocessed, no additives have been added, all natural and organic. After trying many varying sizes of walnut, we decided to go with 1/2 kernel as it is substantial enough to not overeat and the surface area of the walnut complements the flavour sufficiently.

What are the benefits of Walnut? 

Walnuts are a superfood and they are a fantastic source of omega-3,which are good and healthy fats. There are too many great benefits but mainly they are amazing for neurological and cardiovascular health, when consumed in moderation.

Who are they suitable for?

They are suitable for people who are not allergic to nuts. It is recommended to break them into smaller pieces for kids. People with diabetes are recommended to consume our Original walnut and stay away from our Amber Honey coated Walnut as there's a possibility of it spiking the insulin levels.

How much is the recommended serving?

1 serving = 14 halves = 185 calories (for the original).

Is too much Walnut bad?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating everything in moderation. Anything that is consumed excessively is bad and yes, over consuming Walnut is bad. 

*refer to here where we briefly explain why consuming anything excessively is bad. *

Certification for our product.
They are Halal, QS, HACCP, FDA, ISO9001, USDA organic and Kosher.

*me, I, my refers to the owner of the shop.

**I am a Science Major not a dietitian, I am only applying what I've studied over the years into our daily lives. You can find out a little more about me here.