Return & Refund Policy

Do you offer return/refund?

Yes, we do offer returns and/or refunds. However, returns/refund are based on a case by case basis. In order to be eligible for the return/refund, all items have to be untampered and within 7 days of receiving the package. 

E.g., If you purchase our konjacs series which comes in 6 packs, 6 packs have to be all returned back to us.

Here are some things you need to know!

Before returning, please drop us an email or filled up the form in our contact us page along with your phone number and order number with the title *I want to request a return/refund.* In the description, please tell us why you are returning and if it's damaged please include a photo/video as proof.


I don't like the products I've received.
Unfortunately we do not accept return/refund without a valid reason.

I just opened my package after a week and i want to request for a return/refund.
Our return/refunds are based on a case by case basis and it has to be within 7 days from the day you received. 

I tried one pack and I didn't like it, i'd like a refund.
Sorry to hear that, we do not accept return/refund/exchange if any of the items are opened. 

E.g., If you purchase our konjacs series which comes in 6 packs, 6 packs have to be fully returned back to us. 


One of my items was damage during transit, can I get a return/refund?
We are so sorry to hear that we offer a partial refund or a replacement on your next purchase. Do drop us an email/use the contact us form to let us know what you prefer!

*A partial refund will be based on what you paid. E.g. If you purchase an item for $17.90 for 6 packs of Konjac, a partial refund will be $2.98. If you purchase them during a flash sale, it will be the amount you paid divided by the number of packs. Shipping fees are not included, i.e., no refund for shipping fees. 

How can I return it?
You can either drop off at our office/mail it back to us. Depending on the situation, the shipping fee may or may not be bare fully by you.

I bought your items from the other platforms, I want to return/refund.

Do reach out to us on the respective platform you purchased from to prevent any confusion.

How will you process the returns/refund?
We will only process returns/refund/exchange once we receive the items. Once we receive them and everything is well, we will take the necessary action. 

How long does the whole procedure take?
It will take about 14 business days. 

I am eligible for return/refund, how do I go about next?
Please pack them back into a carton box and mail it back to us or you may choose to drop off your parcel at our office. Please note that we are not liable if the package is damage when transiting back to us.

I want to exchange an item.
We only allow exchange only IF the items was damage during transit to you and we are sold out on that particular product.

*Note that the item that you're exchanging for has to be of the same value/lower.


If you experienced anything unpleasant on our website/other platforms, please feel free to let us know and we will do our very best to strive for the better. 

If there's any unanswered questions, feel free to contact us using the contact form. We hope to serve you better!