Veggie chips FAQs

About our Veggie Chips. 

They are Originate from Vietnam.

Our Veggie Chips are sourced sustainably and vacuumed fried. They come in different flavours; sea salt, black pepper and spicy flavour. After trying out the different types of flavour, we paired up those flavours that complement each other which resulted in the current pairing. Currently we have edamame, lotus roots, beetroot and shiitake mushrooms, all of which are sumptuous.

How healthy are they if they are vacuumed fried?

It uses a technique where it fries the veggie in lower temperature oil which limits the veggie from absorbing the oil allowing it to be healthier as compared to regular chips and that includes chips that are atmospheric/air fried chips. 

Let me explain to you from a scientific perspective, by comparing regular chips to our vacuumed fried series, regular chips have more saturated fats and they are known as bad fats due to their chemical structure. They do not contain a double/triple bond and that being said they are completely saturated by the hydrogen atom. It uses high temperature to fry the chips and it allows the chips to absorb more oil which is why there are times when you consume regular chips there's an oily feeling. 

Saturated fats are caused by a simple technique known as hydrogenation. Since vacuumed fries decrease the absorption of oil, it makes it a healthier alternative of a snack. 

I cannot say for sure that generally vacuumed chips are the healthiest but what I can say is they are a healthier alternative to regular chips. There are false advertisements online claiming that they are healthy chips but unfortunately, when it comes to chips, there's only a healthier alternative.

*Please do note that I used the term healthier rather than healthy as chips are not healthy from the beginning but they are a better alternative. 

What are the benefits of Veggie chips? 

It retains more nutrients as compared to regular chips. You can refer to the individual listing for a more specific benefit of the vegetable itself. We manufacture them in smaller batches to maintain the freshness of the chips. 

Who are they suitable for?

They are suitable for anyone and everyone. 

Is too much Veggie Chips bad?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating everything in moderation. Anything that is consumed excessively is bad and yes, over consuming Veggie Chips is bad.

Certification for our product.

They are Halal, BRC, ISO22000 and Kosher. 

*me, I, my refers to the owner of the shop.
**I am a Science Major not a dietitian, I am only applying what I've studied over the years into our daily lives. You can find out a little more about me here.